Tutorial to Low Hair Bun to Keep You Ready To Fight the Summers on Daily Basis

It’s almost the month of April and if you are someone residing from India, you know your country well enough to know that though winters grace us with a carved intensity or not, summers sure never fail to reach the extreme intensity in their potential.

With all the humidity of being surrounded by sea from three sides and the intensity of summers, it’s hard to escape the humidity. Thus, the availability of the sea surrounding just intensifies the pressure of summers on Indians.

With this weather having hair in an extended length is a nightmare which can’t be called upon. Managing your hair for day-to-day chores and special occasions is a task in itself. The top-knots and buns become our new and almost only favorite hairstyles for the next three months.

Thus, here is one simple, easy and quick Bun, which will keep you looking elegant and also ready for the world.